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Local and regular, Tom Brown just couldn’t stay away from the Nith Hotel kitchen on shortbread making day!

He took these cracking videos which shows Chef, Cammy in the process of making the shortbread for your cups of tea and coffee! It really is a bite of something special – it’s just a shame there’s not smell-e-vision!


Here’s our drinks menu to whet your appetite for a cuppa and a shortbread biscuit! We are open daily for teas, coffee (and shortbread) from 10am onwards.


Coffee (Black or White) £2.20

Latte £2.20

Decaffeinated Coffee £2.20

Hot Chocolate £2.20

Cappuccino £2.20

Moccachino £2.20

Espreschoc £2.20

Espresso £2.20

Double Espresso £2.20


Pot of Tea £2.20

Peppermint Tea £2.20

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